The Canada Files

From: Dispatch, The Vegas Resistance

To: Team Xi (Garth Baldursson, Harg Bullock, Regina Hallow, Christopher, Shep)

Re: New Mission

Given the situation of the thieves you discovered in the TN Distributors building in response to the complaint filed by Ocarina’s Organic Grocery, we believe it is in our best interest to adopt them as a freelance team studying the nature of portal magic and how it may be used to access Greyhawk from this dimension. This will allow them to continue their work in safety and allow us to benefit from it in return. Your work in bringing them in peacefully was very appreciated.

Attached to this document is a transcript on an interview with Thek Shalespirit, the leader of the community you uncovered. Some of what he revealed is very disturbing and we believe that it may be possible for this to threaten our fair city if the people he fears successfully track this refugee community we have just taken in. As a result, we would like you to study the attached documents. Your new mission is to travel to British Columbia, Canada and investigate and, if possible, eliminate this threat before it reaches us.

As usual, if you team is unavailable to complete this task, please inform Dispatch within 24 hours of receiving this message so that another team can be contacted.

Interview Transcript – Thek Shalespirit

Residents Remaining in Foresthold

The Canada Files

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