Interview Transcript - Thek Shalespirit

Interview conducted May 3, 2011, 9:00am PST

“I” indicates the interviewer, “TS” indicates Thek Shalespirit

I: State your name, race and level of magical ability for the record please.

TS: I am Thek Shalespirt of Forresthold. I am a dwarf, and magically, I am only a student. I have no innate magic or ability to cast spells.

I: Please explain the events that led to your groups theft of food from Ocarina’s Organic Grocery.

TS: We were desperate. We needed the food, but we had to stay hidden. We didn’t know if they were looking for us or not and we didn’t want anyone to know we were here.

I: Please begin at the beginning. Did you all come from Greyhawk?

TS: Some of the children were born here, but the adults,yes. There was a city. A trade city, I think. And a mine nearby. And then something happened. I can’t remember, but I grabbed my family and some essentials and we started to run and then there was a portal. And there were others there. Some of them died; there were terrible marks all over them and they didn’t seem to have any energy left. Some more people left, but there was a group of us and we were all from the same place and we decided to stay together. I’m sorry I don’t know more about how we came here.

I: To date, we have not been able to uncover any more specific details about the state of your home dimension. It is our belief that the magic which brought you here somehow also affected your memories in some way. All Greyhawk natives we have discovered describe similar situations. Where did you arrive when you came through the portal?

TS: We were in a small forest in the middle of the night. We later learned that we were in a provincial park in Quebec.

[Discussion of precise location of portal exit was discussed.]

I: How did you learn the truth about where you were?

TS: One of the humans, a bard named Daebri Moss, took some gold and went to look for a town. I was a cleric myself, at home where the gods could hear us. When we came through, I tried to heal the ones who were dying, but the power was gone. That had us all worrying. Daebri came back, said he didn’t know where we were, but it was like nothing he’d ever seen or heard of in the world. We stumbled around Quebec a bit, for maybe a month or so. Then someone found a store that advertised magic tricks and it turned out the owner knew a bit about real magic as well. Daebri went again, felt the lady there out and once he realized she knew about where he’d come from he poured the whole thing out and got the truth about where we were and where home was in return. When he came back, he was white as a sheet and when he told us, we weren’t much better.

I: Is that when you moved to Vegas?

TS: No, we got some maps and looked around for somewhere with enough empty space for a town. We decided to head out west, settled down in British Columbia. Called the town Foresthold. It’s about two hours northwest of Prince George. We were all determined that we’d find a way to get home, even if it was all destroyed. All the technology and things, this world just isn’t comfortable for us. A few others left us when we made that decision. They didn’t come to Foresthold, just left to go get absorbed into the world.

I: How long ago did you establish the town?

TS: About eight years ago. Built a big community building first for us all to live in, then houses for the families around it. We used the hall for the research and for meeting and such as well. Had a television and a satellite, even if we didn’t much like them. Had to keep an eye on the outside world and make sure no one would be coming our way and finding us.

I: How did you get the money?

TS: I did mention that I’d grabbed some essentials? I wasn’t the only one. Seems like this dimension is a little short on gold. It’s worth a lot of those Canadian dollars and plenty of your American ones to. Then Daebri and this lad Mathas, he’s a right clever one, figured out the stock market and Daebri charmed someone into investing for him. Town had a right fortune, course it went fast enough setting up the warehouse and hiring those damned goblins.

I: What happened next?

TS: Things went normally for about six years. Couple of kids born and all that. But no real progress on finding a way home. Daebri and Mathas, they’d wander around the outside world. Keep their ears to the ground to see if anyone else had figured anything out. In Foresthold, we learned that we couldn’t even create a portal. One of the gnomes had a portal scroll on him, set to a circle in a library somewhere. He cast it. It was perfect. You could see the portal, but it didn’t go anywhere. We tried everything. Even tried creating a portal to somewhere else in this dimension. It was discouraging. We’d think something was going right and then it’d turn out not to work at all. Right now, we’re trying to create a whole new kind of portal spell. The spell itself is a bit beyond me. I just do the runes.

I: May we see your research?

TS: You lot keep us safe and let us keep working to get home, we’ll report everything to you. Have your mages or whatever look over everything and talk to us. No problems there.

I: What went wrong in Foresthold?

TS: We still don’t know for sure. About two years ago, little things started to go wrong. Daebri was back and he was having a stroll in the forest and got attacked by a Kermode cub. The animals aren’t prone to attacking, but we noticed that they seemed to be getting a little more aggressive. We started staying out of the forest unless we were in groups. Then a bit later one of the groups noticed some plants that no one had seen before. There was something just wrong about them, seemed sort of off and they were definitely magical. And then we noticed that the weather seemed a bit crazy too. We could watch the Weather Channel and the storms and calms that came up, they just weren’t natural. We had a flood that summer too. But nowhere else in the province did as far as we can tell.

I: Do you know what caused these phenomena?

TS: Like I said we don’t know for sure. But whatever it was, it got to the others too. Thirteen of them and that’s a bit too obvious to be coincidence. But they started to get obsessed with the research. They stopped talking to anyone, got selfish and dark and just buried themselves in their work. At first, it just seemed like maybe they were getting depressed. But then it got more serious. People brought bad news about some bit of research or other and got attacked by their fellows. One poor gnome man got beaten by his wife when he tried to make her stop working and come home to eat some dinner. It didn’t take long either. It was only about six months from the first animal attack when we had to flee.

I: Did you try to control them?

TS: People tried a bit, but they were downright scary. They’d snarl and you’d just shake it was that unsettling. Daebri and some of the others tried a bit of magic, but they were resisting it. A few of us started talking and figured we’d have to either kill them or run and we weren’t sure we could actually kill them. Daebri said that Las Vegas was the place to go. Said there was enough magic and people here to hide our presence for sure. Figured the luck magic floating around the city couldn’t hurt either. He and Mathas took off on one of their little trips, heading to Vegas to try to find us a place. Bought the warehouse and some of the furnishing for it and then came back. The rest of us had just been trying to hold on, keeping things going the same as usual. Packing on the sly. Not that it was that hard. The thirteen of them were holed up in the hall all the time. You couldn’t get them out. Just going over and over the work. Trying portals over and over again. Falling over from exhaustion, then getting up and doing it over again. We just started leaving food in there. They’d eat a little every so often. But they all looked terrible, mostly dead and still so frantic. And then Daebri came back and it was time to get out.

I: What happened when you tried to leave?

TS: We were about ready to go and then they must have realized something was wrong. They came running out of the hall, screaming horrible threats. Telling us to get back to work and that they’d kill us if we tried to leave. A halfling, Ionua, hesitated. Her husband was one of them. Two of them caught her and they just tore her apart. We didn’t know what to do. People were running, screaming. Some grabbed some weapons and managed to hold them back a little. Then two of our mages, Seliri and Nait, grabbed Daebri and they talked a bit. Daebri told us all to get out, that they’d hold them and that they’d catch up later. They started chanting and a barrier spell went up. We ran and we didn’t look back. Daebri’d rented a bus and we burned rubber for the border.

I: Did they tell you how they got away?

TS: They didn’t. Or if they did, they never came to us. And Daebri knew where we’d be. Seliri and Nait, they have families that’d be happy to see them still alive as if there’s any hope left of that. All we could really hope was that they’d managed to die without revealing where we were to any of the others. And it wasn’t much hope. We’d planned to use the stock market and things again to pay what we needed, but we were too scared. We lived off what we had for a little while and then we were running out and the goblins and bugbears needed to be paid and the utilities and such too.

I: And so you decided to steal?

TS: Mathas said that he’d go up into the world since he was a bit used to it. He’d get a job and start investing again. They’d be looking for a whole group of us, not just some human named Matt. He’d heard about the grocery store and that the owners were the nice sort. He went to them and said he was from Greyhawk and did they have any work he could do. They tried him out and it turned out he was a pretty good butcher. But he couldn’t make enough. And we really needed the food for the bugbears since they’d just as well kill us as look at us. So, he came up with a plan to steal the food. He put a tracker on the truck and some of the humans would stop it and steal it. We felt horrible, but we didn’t know if the others were looking for us. We’ll make it up to the owners and anyone else we owe for what we did. We’re not proud of ourselves and it’s not what we should have tried.

[Further discussion about the Foresthold citizens current situation ensued.]

Interviews with other Foresthold citizens were also conducted. However, none of them added noticably to the available information.

Interview Transcript - Thek Shalespirit

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