Annie's Dossiers on the Victims

The only similarities she can see is that all four were very superstitious and either died in Vegas or were there shortly before hand.

Marketa Jasper – Aspiring Player
Determined and outspoken. Blinded to almost everything else by ambition to make it on the tour. Known to carry a keyring full of ever-changing good luck charms.
She died in a house fire.
Determined to be completely non-suspicious.
Older house with older wiring.

Robert Gustavson – PR
Friendly and outgoing. Excellent at job, somewhat careless in all other aspects of life.
Died in a car crash, crushed by truck.
He was making a long car trip in an older model car.
Suddenly slammed on brakes, lost control and skidded into the path of a semi.
Flew through windshield and onto road and was crushed by truck tires.
Witnesses thought maybe he fell asleep, then woke up and slammed on brakes in panic.
Brake and seat belt failure were discovered, but car was poorly maintained and they were deemed non-suspicious.

Eve Mason – Contractor
Quiet but always in control. Highly competent and seldom careless about work or anything else.
Crushed to death in a construction accident.
Company was renovating an old casino building to reopen. Money Tree Casino, closed in 1979.
The new casino, Gordon’s, is scheduled to host a WTP event next year.
The “solid gold” Money Tree fell on her while they were trying to pull it out.

Dr. Henry “Captain” Morgan – Aspiring Player
Extremely gregarious, a real party animal. Alcoholic. Lived up to his nickname in every possible way. Completely irresponsible about everything except poker.
Choked to death on vomit, not his own.
Qualified at a small, local event and came to Vegas for major tournament.
Passed out drunk at party and rolled into pool of vomit.

Annie's Dossiers on the Victims

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