Owner of Firebird Jewelers, member MBBB, goblin


Gogil is a goblin craftsman who found himself in Russia after he and his family escaped Greyhawk. Some years ago, they emigrated to America and wound up in Las Vegas. He owns his own jewelry store and is also the designer and master craftsman of the pieces sold there. His storefront, located downtown, is staffed by humans and members of other races who can pass easily.

Gogil himself oversees Firebird’s workshop, a converted warehouse on the outskirts of town, where he and his family plus their employees work to craft the exquisite and durable jewelry for which Firebird is famous. He and Quarrel met shortly after he arrived in Vegas, and Quarrel was instrumental in getting the business publicly and legally established.

Gogil often comes across and gruff and overly serious, although this is not entirely intentional. He is however a true artist, totally committed to his work, and he tends to resent anything which takes him away from it.


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