Annie Duke

World Tour poker player, in the know, hiring PCs


Before she became famous for her poker skills, Annie studied both English and psychology. Her curiosity about how people think and what stories they tell led her to research about the basis for those stories. As we know, touches of both this dimension’s native magic and the magic and creatures of Greyhawk who have appeared here are the basis for many of our legends. And so, Annie discovered the true nature of the universe.

She once helped a small group of gnomes get established in Montana. The gnomes responded by giving her a good luck charm which was actually lucky. With the charm in hand, she decided to translate her knowledge of poker into a new career and set out to play professionally.

Recently, Annie has noticed some strange things going on around the tour. There have been four accidental deaths, but she thinks she’s seen suspicious people around before they died. She wants to hire an investigator and has heard of Harg through her various in the know contacts in Vegas.

Annie Duke

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