Detective Keith Townshend

LVPD, suspicious of PIs who used to be cops and any other kinds of shenanigans and goings on he doesn't understand


Undercover Cop
Menace Manual, p. 120


Much like any number of famous police detectives in fiction, Detective Keith Townshend wears nice suits, sharp sunglasses and a tough attitude like they’re body armor. He is reasonably competent and resentful and suspicious of amateurs who imply that he’s missed something. Absolutely not in the know, Detective Townshend will deny and repress any evidence presented about the true nature of the world. It might be possible to convince him, but the strain to his psyche would most likely destroy him.

Having watched Harg and Garth get away with murder (in his mind), he is now fully determined to catch them in the act of their next heinous crime. He assumes that Harg left the LVPD in order to take up a criminal life and that Garth is one of his thug friends.

Detective Keith Townshend

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