Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Episode Two, Part Three: Lucky Little Dragon Death Danger Strikes Back

Shit just got real.

(I did not keep notes, because I was busy GMing. Therefore this summary will be much less complete and awesome than Laura’s.)

First off, Reggie calls everyone and lets them know that she’s terribly, terribly ill and cannot possibly come mystery solving with them today. Important things happen and it is discovered that the “luck bones” the witches will need to complete their ritual are the left thumbs of the five people who bought the rabbit’s feet. Presumably they already have the four from the dead folks, which leaves John Quincy Adams Jones in harms way yet again.

Our heroes determine that the best possible way to deal with this is to have a stakeout, but first they have to find him. They cruise the Strip, hoping to see him wandering around, and are successful, but only after learning that Alan collects the fliers given out to advertise prostitutes. Harg leads the team in proper stakeout procedure, which seems to involve piling into the Crown Victoria, arguing about proper music and food, and, in the case of Garth and Slater, writing awesome white, nerdy, folk rap. Alan declines the offer of stakeout fun and instead visits Anya for a little proof of magic (That’s what the kids are calling it these days.) and then heads home to the bunker.

On the morning of day five, they follow Mr. Jones to his office (a ten story building) and park outside, hoping to notice the resonance with the witches stuff that they’re holding if either of them approach the building. After a couple of hours, a man approaches the building and Harg notices that he does resonate with the magical equipment in their possession. He, Garth and Slater rush into the building just in time to see the man enter the elevator.

They are stopped by a receptionist who does not intend to allow them access to Mr. Jones’ office as he is currently in a meeting with a client. Slater once again attempts to tell the truth very, very convincingly and is not quite convincing enough. “Mr. Jones’ life may be in danger!” “Are you threatening Mr. Jones’ life?!” She then triggers a silent alarm which Harg notices.

At this point things get a little crazy as Harg knocks the receptionist out cold and tells Slater and Garth he’s headed for the elevator. The two of them are a little more reluctant and think maybe they should leave before they’re arrested instead, but they are also very concerned with saving Mr. Jones. They start the elevator and notice that the resonance gets stronger as they go up, so they exit into Mr. Jones’ office on the tenth floor. Slater starts to call Alan, but hangs up once he enters the office and sees what has happened.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jones is dead and the office is empty. They do notice that his left thumb is missing. Now they’ve forced their way into an office with the dead body of someone they’ll be suspected of threatening. They know the police are coming and they do not have much of an escape route.

The three of them run for the roof and Harg blows his way through the door. Once they are outside, they can hear the police surrounding the building and they realize that their only means of escape may be over the rooftops. They quickly plot out the route to a nearby fire escape and begin jumping. Slater has some trouble with the first jump, so Garth and Harg were keeping an eye out he prepared for his second leap.

Tragically, they weren’t able to catch him and Slater fell to his death. Garth and Harg quickly clambered down the fire escape and split up, intending to meet at the Tattered Cover later that day. On the bus, Garth calls Alan, but Alan has been watching the news and realizes that the dead guys is his new drinking buddy and that his acquaintances are probably wanted for murder. He decides that cutting his losses is his best possible plan here and doesn’t answer the phone. In fact, he quickly deletes everyone’s numbers and hunkers down, hoping to avoid the cops.

When they arrive at the Tattered Cover, Quarrel is a bit disturbed by what’s happened and he doesn’t have a lot of options to offer them. He knows some people who could probably get them some fake IDs and the magic necessary to alter their appearance somewhat. Quarrel could also smuggle them out of the country to Europe with a group of refugees from Greyhawk who are heading that way. Once they reach their destination, everyone will need ID and a new name, so Garth and Harg would be no extra trouble.

Harg decides to stick around Vegas and meet these acquaintances of Quarrel’s, but Garth is seriously considering leaving the country. They’re both also a little curious about what Reggie will think of all this and if she’ll decide to disown them as well. Regardless of their decision, Quarrel informs them that he and the Magical Better Business Bureau will no longer be able to work with them. They have a certain reputation of legitimacy and peacefulness to maintain, and continuing to hire Harg and Garth would cast some doubt on that reputation.

A few days later, it turns out that the gentleman they saw entering the office was none other than the Escobar Salvine who owned the house in Ivins where they located the witches’ belongings. The cameras also saw him and, as Mr. Salvine has quite a history of being a suspect for various crimes, it was determined that he was the murderer and the heat was somewhat taken off of Harg and Garth. However, one police detective was unwilling to believe that they were entirely uninvolved and Detective Keith Townshend will no doubt be making life difficult for Harg, Garth and any of their known associates in the future.

Also, Annie Duke did contact Harg, mostly to figure out what was going on. As he did discover who was responsible and as the World Poker Tour should be safe from these witches in the future, she agreed to pay him a slightly reduced rate. The GM owes Harg a reasonable item to be discussed and chosen, and also owes details on certain scrolls to whoever retains custody of the witches’ stuff.



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