Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Episode Four, Part Two: Home Invasion

The group feels kind of bad about this one. Also there is an old guy.


Before kicking down the door, the group reconsiders and decides maybe to go in at night with night vision goggles and more equipment and maybe backup. Garth is totally willing to be a night vision knight. Harg gets called away by a dame, meanwhile. Garth and Christopher call the people hiring them to see if they should kick the door.

Garth calls Celia. She thinks that it sounds dangerous. Meanwhile asking, just to be sure, if either Garth or Christopher is Batman. Christopher says no, he just happens to have large sums of money and access to odd technology. Garth says he definitely isn’t, since he’s a poor college student. He might be Nightwing, though. Celia suggests Garth make a plan first.

Christopher calls their actual employers, the Vegas Resistance. Christopher gives them all the information they have—seven, possibly eight bad guys, human-shaped at the very least. Dispatch offers gear, support, whatever, but Christopher thinks they’ll be okay.

Garth calls Reggie and texts her the address. Reggie also says that her old friend Moses is in town and wants to come along. She thinks he’ll be good at this sort of thing, since he’s all about…resistance. Garth cautiously agrees, then calls Shep on his Tracfone. “I think there will be opportunities for cutting,” says Garth. “I’m not emo,” says Shep. “Not yourself, other people!” “Ah. I’ll be there.”

Reggie and Moses, an older, hermity nature man with ties to Greenpeace, arrive in her Smart car. Shep gets a ride from a friend in exchange in for pizza. So they drive up forty-five minutes later polishing off some Little Caesar’s. Christopher is personally offended by just how low-brow this is.

Garth suggests that Shep case the joint. But there are no windows or skylights or anything, just a door. So they kick it down, basically. Reggie attempts to cast a spell from a scroll, Burglar’s Buddy, but fails. She whips out her scroll of magic missile, hoping to make that one work. Garth kicks the door down and they go in. There doesn’t appear to be anyone around, just the truck and an office in the back. Shep sneaks toward the back, but doesn’t see anyone. Moses, with his very, very sharp old man eyes, doesn’t see anything either. He looks for signs of animals, meat, sees something gross dropped by the truck and some bugs. Garth sneaks to the door of the office, but it’s locked. The rest move up to him, but not very quietly.

Garth kicks the door down. There’s no one around. Shep is annoyed. “You guys, you made me waste my poi—my stuff I put my knives. Next time you call me, make sure there are dangerous people around. DANGEROUS people!” “I didn’t call you, I texted you!”

There’s nothing on the computer either. Reggie finds no magic door. Garth and Shep, working together, find a rug under the desk, and under that is a trap door. They retrieve flashlights and head down. Someone has dug a tunnel down into the rock beneath Las Vegas. Moses hears noises ahead, sounding like women and children, and there’s light ahead. They decide to just rush around the corner.

The tunnel opens into a room. Es occupado. It appears to be a big communal living space. There are beds and lots of children, human, gnome, halfling, and dwarf. Women are working in a kitchen area, giving lessons, playing with the kids. Moses, “Aw, they’re hiding because they aren’t accepted in regular society.” He’s a very tender-hearted terrorist.

Garth: “EVERYONE FREEZE!” They pretty much do. He’s holding his sword, asking for the leader of their group. Then he concedes the floor to Christopher.

Chris speaks very smoothly and convincingly with the women, who tell him that they just live here. He also orders Garth to sheathe his sword. The women and children all look comfortable, just living. The group looks around but does not find any of the purloined meat. Moses sniffs for rat and iguana and such but just finds regular grocery food. He also subtly smells the breath of the women and children, because he’s creepy like that. Reggie sees some scrolls and paperwork, which might also be spellwork. No lucky rabbit’s feet, no illusions, nothing that looks really dangerous or anything.

The group heads through a thick door, into another tunnel. It quickly opens into a large room. It’s partitioned, with a bedroom area and kitchen area, weapons rack (currently empty). There are eight soldierly goblins sitting inchairs around tables. One of them appears to be a commander of some sort, wearing scavenged patches and insignia. Jeff, the wee commander goblin, yells, “We don’t know ’em. Kill ’em! Get paid!”

Christopher moves into attack position and takes a full defensive action. A goblin swipes at him and misses. Shep attacks one with a knife. Moses shoots one, Garth cleaves one in half, and Reggie manages to shoot Jeff with a magic missile scroll. She is pleased to have finally struck a physical blow for the forces of good in Las Vegas. Jeff and another goblin attack. There’s more fighting. Shep kills a goblin. Garth kills one. More fighting, and Garth knocks out Jeff. The remainng goblin throws down his sword.

Garth questions the conscious goblin. Turns out they were hired by men to guard the tunnel. Sometimes they eat iguana and rat meat. The men who hired them keep their families down here and told the goblins never to bother the women and children.

The tunnel leads to a dead end. There’s a door masked by magic which Reggie helps Garth find. They go back and search Jeff for a key. He has one. Garth takes it. And back to the magic door. The key works. The next room is more carefully carved than the last one, with even walls.

There appears to be a bugbear. “Mmm, I have only heard of these in legend,” says Moses. “Me too,” says Garth. And he attacks. Through a doorway Garth sees that there’s another bugbear sitting on a computer playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Also there is a noise like someone waking up.;

Shep poisons one. Moses shoots one in a bed. Reggie holds off on her spell because as far as she can tell, everything’s going all right. Christopher hits one with his fist and knocks it out. Garth does damage. Shep does a lot damage. There is more fighting. Moses shoots one down with non-lethal damage. Christopher takes some non-lethal damage. He slaps the last one down.

A search reveals a lot of beer, and some wild game and rat meat. Shep wants to drink a beer, having never tried it, but Christopher stops him, because it’s crappy beer. “Hey, if you want to go down that road, when we’re done here I will set you up.” On the floor in the bedroom are magical bugbear khakis with pockets. Christopher opens the pockets and things fall out. They are cargo pants of holding.

Garth, “So what are those?” Chris, “It’s a permanent spell that connects the pockets to a small extra-dimnesional space.” “… So what does that mean?” “May I borrow your sword?” Garth draws back suspiciously. “You’ll have it back in a moment, I promise.” The sword is handed over. Chris drops it in one of the pockets.


Garth has been wanting some way to carry his sword around wihtout drawing suspicion for quite some time. So now he has magic pants. Dance, magic pants. Dance.

Another door. More tunnels, this one with fancy carvings. With help from Christopher and Shep, Reggie is able to figure out the basic message of the carvings. They are a sort of mission statement, written in various Greyhawk languages. It repeats ideas like seeking knowledge, finding the way, returning. The word home is used a lot.

“They want to get back to Greyhawk, it seems to me,” Reggie says. Garth, “I’m both eager for them to leave and offended that they don’t want to stay.”

More decorations, these dwarfish-looking. Another room. More carvings on the walls, more of the same, gargoyles in the four corners. Garth thinks it’s a trap. Moses sees that two of the gargoyles are alive. Reggie, with arcane lore, knows that these creatures are particularly tough and that regular attacks won’t do as much damage as they usually do. Garth is unafraid. He moves after one of the gargoyles. Christopher moves in to taunt the other one. Reggie lends her magic dagger to Shep in hopes that it might do good. Shep drops his regular dagger and accepts, dipping it in his acid as he moves toward a gargoyle. He throws and misses. Christopher attempts to strike, and hits but does no damage, instead slightly bruising his hand. The gargoyle moves and hovers in front of him. The other gargoyle attacks Garth.

The fighting continues. Eventually Garth kills one of the gargoyles. They all surround the other one. Shep throws Reggie’s dagger, and Christopher picks it up and uses it to good effect. Moses punches it, and the gargoyle is impressed, all like, “That old dude just punched me!” They continue to smack at it. Garth finally kills it.

On the far side of the room is an ornately carved, important looking door. Moses listens at it, hears murmuring. Sounds like chanting. Reggie senses magical energy and possibly magical creatures beyond the door. The group doesn’t really want to kill these guys, but they do need to confront them.

The door is unlocked, and Garth opens it. The room is carved with magical motifs, a magical circle in the middle of the room. Garth and Christopher recognize the humans as being the thugs and the men who went ino the warehouse. There are also gnome, dwarves and halflings. There are about twenty of them. Some of them wear ceremonial garb. Reggie and Christopher can tell that there is no magical energy coming from the circle. They’re trying to do a portal spell, and they’re creating magical energy, but it’s not working.

Chris steps forward to interrupt them. They stop chanting and turn toward the group, startled. Christopher tells them that they’re interfering with the business of innocent people connected to a certain…family. They are in hiding, thinking that something or someone is after them. Christopher vaguely threatens them with mob-like allusions. They’re very frightened. Christopher negotiates a way to let the group make it up to Celia and Trina and get employment somewhere with the Vegas Resistance.

They had an inside man, the butcher, who tagged the trucks for them. Garth apologizes for killing the gargoyles and a bunch of the goblins. One of them to Garth, “You smell…a little like Bugbear. Did you wrestle with one of them? And your pants are kinda…dirty.” “I’d…rather not talk about it.” “Oh, oh, of course, I’m sorry for prying, your business is your own…”

Garth is horrified. “I’m not attracted to bugbears!” Moses: “Well, I did find these bugbear nudie mags in his pockets…” “WHAT? NO!” It goes on like that.

Another threat has been vanquished in Fabulous Las Vegas. Hurrah for our heroes.



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